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McBusted Live in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia 2015


If you didn’t know, McBusted is opening for One Direction on all their Australian dates and to top if off, McBusted is playing 2 side shows in Sydney on 22 February 2015 at the Metro Theatre and in Melbourne on 24 February 2015 at the Palais Theatre.

You guys don’t know this but there have been efforts to try to get McBusted to play in Singapore but it didn’t work out. So, that said, since McBusted is not coming to Singapore, I am heading down to Melbourne.

I love McFly like hell. I even went to see them play in London back in 2010 during the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball. If I can fly to London to see McFly, what is flying down to Melbourne to see McBusted?

And in case you didn’t realise, McBusted = McFly + Busted (minus Charlie Simpson). I loved Charlie Simpson and his bushy eyebrows.

Anyway, back to the point, the tickets for the Sydney (free standing) and Melbourne (numbered seating) shows are priced at A$60. So after fees and taxes and all, I was charged A$67.something… and if you convert it back into Singapore dollars, it’s around S$71~$72. I literally cried at that price. Even if the McBusted Singapore show worked out, the tickets would have been more than $100 per ticket.

If you are interested to get tickets to watch McBusted in Sydney or Melbourne, you can use these links: Sydney (Ticketek), Melbourne (TicketMaster AU). The TicketMaster AU website is quite crappy and the links to the McBusted show doesn’t work properly when you search.

If you are crazy enough like me to fly down to either Sydney or Melbourne, I’d actually recommend going to Sydney because of the convenience of public transport within town but during that travel period, because it is around Chinese New Year, the flight to Melbourne is cheaper.#justsaying

Backstreet Boys Live in Singapore 2015 on their In A World Like This Tour


Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys

If you haven’t heard, Backstreet boys are dropping by in Singapore on their “In A World Like This Tour” on 2 May 2015 at The Star Theatre.

Tickets went on sale earlier today and by now it’s almost sold out. I’m not really that surprised because it’s Backstreet Boys afterall and the tickets are not as expensive as I thought it would be.

Tickets are priced at $198, $178, $158, $118 and $98. I usually say to avoid the Restricted View type seats but if you are desperate enough, go for it.

You can try your luck to get tickets still at Sistic.

I have also heard that tickets are already floating around in the black market at 3 times the face value of the ticket price. Don’t be dumb and buy those. It is never worth paying beyond $50 above the face value of the ticket price on the black market. Anything more is unscrupulous. Don’t give in to those assholes.

You have been warned.

Spandau Ballet to Headline the Village Stage at the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

Spandau Ballet
Spandau Ballet

Along with the announcement of Pharrell Williams and Maroon 5 as the headliner over at the Padang Stage, Spandau Ballet was announced as the headliner of the Village Stage over at Zone 1 on Saturday, 19 September 2015.

If you have no idea who Spandau Ballet is, they are a band from the late 1970s but they were pretty popular in the 80s and they are the ones who brought you this song:

This song is practically their anthem because of how frequently it is played and used over and over again in various commercials over the years. (And it is the only song of theirs’ that I know. Hahahaha.)

Most of you kids wouldn’t be interested in Spandau Ballet but your parents might be. ^^ Spread the word.

As Zone 1 is where all the most expensive grandstand tickets are, the cheapest way to catch the acts at the Village Stage in Zone 1 is to get the 3-day Premier Walkabout tickets which cost $498 each. If you gather a group of people to make up 4 tickets, it’s $448 each. If your group is large enough to make 8 tickets, it’s $398 each.

All prices are stated in Singapore dollars and it does not include the $5 transaction fee (ie $5 per transaction, doesn’t matter how many tickets there are; up to a maximum of 12 tickets per transaction.)

Mind you, the walk between Zone 1 and Zone 4 with the crowd and controlled traffic is easily up to 45 minutes so plan your route to catch the various acts carefully.

So if you are decided, you can click here to get your tickets to watch the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix!