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13 Kpop Idol Acts Live in Singapore 2013 for the MBC Korean Music Wave! — CANCELLED

[8 November 2013 | Refund Notice]

Oh dear. Things have taken a downtime turn. In the latest word from Fatfish Entertainment, they are going to liquidate their company (ie, close down their business) to raise the cash to pay off their other costs and refund you the ticket prices.

– Ticket refunds
For those who purchased tickets from our ticketing agents, please contact the relevant agent directly for further details on refunds.

For all other ticket holders, refunds will be managed by the provisional liquidators to be appointed by Fatfish Entertainment Pte Ltd. Further details will be released as soon as practicable by the provisional liquidators.”

Click here to see their official announcement on their facebook page.

Finally, I know everyone wants their money back but please try to be a bit more human and compassionate when demanding it back.

[6 November 2013 | IMPORTANT NOTICE]

The MBC Korean Music Wave concert in Singapore has been CANCELLED. I’m not even joking.

Contractual difficulties was cited as one of the causes for the cancellation.

No word on refunds yet as Fatfish Entertainment is trying to work out their finances now.

Click here to read their announcement on their official Facebook page.

Spread the word.


This is madness! 13 Kpop Idol acts are heading to Singapore for the MBC Korean Music Wave on 16 November 2013 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm. (Doors will open 3 hours before the event.)

MBC Korean Music Wave

Confirmed acts announced are SHINee, Teentop, B1A4, B.A.P., 2PM, 2AM, FT Island, EXO, IU, SISTAR, Kara, Miss A and 4Minute. There are more idols/idol groups to be announced apparently but likely as emcees and/or appearance.

Anyway, here are the usual concert details:

Ticket prices: $688 (Super VIP Experience Package), $368 (Platinum), $268 (Premier), $238 (Hill 3), $188 (Hill 2A and 2B) and $168 (Hill 3). All prices in Singapore dollars and it doesn’t include any administrative fees yet. Tickets are being sold via a new ticketing service provider so I don’t know how much is the booking fee.

E-tickets need to be exchanged for a pass so please go early to find out where and how to exchange for your pass.

This is a free standing concert but please don’t queue overnight for a good spot. Let’s all agree to queue only on the day itself? And make sure you guys queue in groups and take turns to go rest/pee/eat/etc.

Super VIP Experience Package SGD688 that includes:

  • Access to Super VIP mosh pit on event-day
  • Express entry; Flash your pass and get escorted into venue by the event crew
  • Access to Rehearsal Session on 15 + 16 November 2013 (scheduled access at time to be announced later).
  • Access to Press Conference First 50 Super VIP pass-holders will get invitation to attend the official Press Conference on the 15 November 2013.

Tickets will go on sale 1 September 2013 at Playspace @ Level 1, *Scape from 9.00 am – 6.00 p pm. Internet booking starts on 2 September 2013 at SingTic.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: the e-Tickets come with a unique barcode. So if you are planning to Instagram/Twitpic your ticket(s) to tell the world that you are attending the largest Kpop concert of 2013 in Singapore, DO NOT INCLUDE THE BARCODE IN YOUR PICTURE. Anyone can take your barcode and enter the venue before you and goodbye to your ticket it is. I have heard of this being done overseas where e-tickets are used at concerts.

Here is also the all important layout of the various ticket categories:

MBC Korean Music Wave 2013 layout

From MY EXPERIENCE of attending a few concerts at Gardens by the Bay:

  • The sound console will be positioned on the field near the back of the Premier section. Hence I SUSPECT that’s why Hill 3 is cheaper coz if you stand at certain spots, the view is blocked.
  • Platinum and Premier is a flat grass area, please don’t do silly things like wear heels (even if you feel that are you short and need a height boost) and potentially hurt yourself. Wear a wedge or use shoe-lifts etc if you really want that height lift.
  • Realise that all the areas designated as per the ticketed categories ARE grass. Dress accordingly. If you are planning to fly into Singapore for this, know that it usually rains at some point in the day when there is a Kpop act in town. ^^ Plus it is the monsoon season at the end of the year in Singapore so it is almost definitely going to rain that day.
  • If you are getting tickets at the Hills (1, 2A, 2B and 3), you can actually still see if you are near the front of the section when the artist goes out into the extended runway stage. Anything else, you will need binoculars or just watch from the screen (I hope they have HUGE screens).
  • After the concert, there will be a bottleneck at Gate 1 back to Bayfront MRT station. You might want to consider walking to Marina Bay MRT station instead.
  • Bring a foldable umbrella AND poncho. I know many concerts and/or venues ban long umbrellas. Foldable umbrellas are for hiding from the heat before the sun sets and the poncho is for the rain so as not to block people’s view.

This is all I can think of and I hope this helps.

Hashtag it: #KMWsg

2PM Hands Up Music Video

A friend asked me to watch 2PM’s music video for “Hands Up” to get me “in the mood” since 2PM will be in Singapore on 19 November 2011 for their “Hands Up” concert.

She has been trying quite futilely to get me to move on past Super Junior and embrace the other Hallyu Idols but it’s not working very well. Hahaha.

In any case, I watched the 2PM music video and I was like, “WOW!!”

Wow because the music video was quite clearly filmed in Singapore and damn they make Singapore look like Vegas!! I have never realised that Singapore can look so good, glamourous and sexy on screen. The Singapore GP looked good but this is quite Vegas/Beverly Hills California level of sexiness! Incredible!

Finally, the song is actually pretty catchy and Nichkhun is cute. Hahaha. 😉 I just MIGHT try to stalk 2PM when they come in next month. We’ll see how it goes. Hahaha.

2PM Hands Up Tour in Singapore

2PM will stage their first ever headlining concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 19 November 2011! WOW!

Kpop sure is making a lot of headway here in Singapore. (Not that I’m complaining really. :))

Tickets have gone on sale at all the usual sistic sales channels. Tickets are priced at: $218 (standing), $218, $198, $168 & $138 excluding the $3 sistic fee.

[Update | 13 November 2011]

I just realised that there’s a fanmeet for 2PM in Singapore that is happening with this trip. The fanmeet is happening on 18 November 2011 at 6.30pm, IMM Centre Stage.

Here is how you can get to go and Hi-5 the guys at the fanmeet:

Simply present 2PM Hands Up Singapore Concert Ticket and Singapore Version of 2PM’s Hands Up Album and win a chance to HIGH FIVE with ALL members of 2PM! (NOTE: Complimentary Ticket isNOT eligible for the Lucky Dip. ONLY Singapore Version of Hands Up Album with Warner Music Singapore Logo will be eligible for the Lucky Dip. All other versions will NOT be accepted.)

  • 300 lucky Fans will be selected by Lucky Dip basis.
  • ONE Singapore Concert Ticket (All Price Categories) + ONE Copy of Singapore Version of Hands Up Album = ONE Lucky Dip Chance
  • The Lucky Dip will be held on the 18th November between 10AM till 2.30PM at Jurong Point Level 1.
  • Latecomers will NOT be entertained.
Source: http://ksnaps.sg/event-details/2pm-hands-up-asia-tour-in-singapore-2011/