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Kelis Live at Avalon Singapore 2012 — Post Show Thoughts

Kelis performed last night for the first time in Singapore for the general public at Avalon Singapore.

Ticket to Kelis live in Singapore
Ticket to Kelis live in Singapore

If you guys are following me on twitter, you’d probably saw my #RAGE tweets about the gig. As you can see from the picture of the ticket above, it specifically states 7.30pm which means that the show starts at 7.30pm.

However, when we got there, it was really weird as the venue looked empty inside and we’re wondering if the tickets sold that badly that no one showed up or something. A check with the dudes at the door told us that they were still setting up and they told us to come back at about 20 minutes later.

Okay, fine, so we did. And guess what? The venue was still closed and we actually saw people coming back out of the venue and we got a little bit worried. So we went to check with the guys at the door again and this time around, they said that doors will now open at 10.30pm! WTF!

We were initially quite excited for the show but after this news, we got very pissed off and actually felt cheated (and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones). We’re not talking about a 1 hour delay, this is a 3 hours delay. It is a major epic fail in terms of event management and not to mention false advertising especially if the gig was never meant to start so early in the first place!

This is incredibly disappointing and unprofessional of a brand name like Avalon. It is making me thinking 3 times if I want to attend another of such a gig organised by Avalon. Let’s just say that if you’re thinking of watching a non-DJ artists in Avalon, you might want to just be prepared for such shitty event management and planning.

Anyway, enough of the rage and on to how awesome Kelis was live. I was in Kuala Lumpur in March 2012 to watch Kelis live at the F1 Twin Towers @live gig. This would be my second Kelis show within 2 months.

Kelis live in Singapore
Kelis live in Singapore

The setlist was pretty similar to the one in Kuala Lumpur and a bit shorter actually. In Kuala Lumpur, it was about an hour and this Avalon one was only 50 minutes. It was a little short but given that I only paid SGD38 + 3, I’m not going to complain about the duration.


Kelis did her set in Avalon in one continuous flow. Each song was remixed to blend and flow into the next so it really was very suitable in a club setting. It was a real shame that most of the people in the show only know “Milkshake”. I thought that “Bounce” was the most fun song last night. I also like “A Capella” a lot.

Kelis on drums
Kelis on drums

What surprised me the most was Kelis on drums! I didn’t know that she could play the drums actually. It was cool that she played the drums on top of another drummer playing the standard drums. The effects from the electronic drums just made everything even cooler.

For the regular followers of my blog, you’ll know that I cannot resist taking videos of the performances but due to a club setting, the few videos I recorded had too much bass and hence isn’t really worth the upload. Go YouTube it; I’m pretty sure that someone would upload it. Or if you really want the video, put a comment here or email me and I’ll upload them.

[16 May 2012 | Updated with videos]

Kelis Live in Singapore 2012

WOOT!! The awesome people at Avalon are bringing Kelis in for a gig at Avalon on 12 May 2012!! YAY!!

Tickets are priced at SGD48 excluding a SGD3 fee at TicketBooth. OCBC card members can get tickets at SGD38 (excluding fees).

However, please note that this show has a minimum 18 year old age limit. Club rules apply so dress nice.

You can click here to go directly to the page to buy tickets.

Kelis at Twin Towers @live 2012

Kelis’ milkshake definitely brought all the boys and girls to the yard. She is awesome to watch live!

I must say that I’m really happy that she did “Lil’ Star”, “A Capella”, “Trick You” and “Milkshake”; those are my favourite tracks from her!

As expected, the turnout today was mediocre if you have seen the turnout yesterday. Still there must have been a few thousand people there… Around 10,000 or so I suppose.

When we arrived at the venue, we were really shocked to see that Kelis had just arrived and was walking in front of us. We actually panicked and when we tried asking Kelis to sign, she said after the show.

We did wait after till the show and Kelis was true to her word. (She came out more than 1 hour after her performance.) She was totally nice and very friendly! She signed everything and took photos with everyone as well! She actually took her time to sign and personalize the autograph for too! So sweet of her!

So as usual, here’s the photo I took with Kelis and her autograph. I know I look like crap so please bear with it…