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Autograph Giveaway: 10 October 2012 (Simple Plan, sort of)

As I have mentioned last week, this week marks the first week in a whole bunch of extra autographs I have to give away in the spirit of Christmas.

So here’s the first one:

NOTE: I have adjusted the colour to make the autographs more obvious.

I’ll give this to the first commenter who can tell me which 2 members of Simple Plan’s autograph this is. [Hint: Both their first and last names start with the same letter. :)]

Just put your answer in the comment, you don’t have to post any of your contact details with your answer. If you sign in with your email/twitter/facebook, I will be able to see the information and I’ll contact you if you are the winner. :)

This is open to everyone worldwide. You can post multiple times but the first comment (based on timestamp) will get it. :)

Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan in Singapore for Music Matters 2012

Look who I bumped into just before I went to the Nokia Pool Party?

It’s Chuck Comeau, the drummer in Simple Plan! He just got off the plane in this 20 or so hours journey here to speak at the panel during Music Matters.

So nice to see him again. Lovely guy.

Music Matters 2012 Singapore

Music Matters is back in Singapore and happening on 22 – 26 May 2012 at the Ritz Carlton.

[17 April 2012 | Rewritten to reflect the latest updates]

In case you didn’t know, “Music Matters is the pioneer music industry event in the Asia-Pacific region that features key players in the global music industry. The 2012 programme features keynote interviews and performances, with a special spotlight on the ‘live’ music scene in China, Korea and Asia, and an unrivalled line-up of music industry movers and shakers including artists and managers to record labels, promoters and music publishers.

Digital and Music Matters will play host to thousands of global entertainment digerati and music A-listers, showcasing the global online entertainment and music industry, with a focus on the Asian region. This year’s conference will also premier the inaugural “Gaming Matters, produced with GameSpot” workshop and will conclude with the live music festival, Music Matters Live held at Clarke Quay, which will be streamed live for the first time to a global audience via Official Festival Broadcast Partner, YouTube.”

From what I seen and heard about Music Matters 2012, Kpop is definitely a hot topic that the industry-folks are discussing this year. Needless to say, the people at Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) are bringing in Drunken Tiger JK as part of an exclusive Korean showcase titled “The Korean Night”.

There are other live performances/showcases during Music Matters 2012 and they will be held at various venues in and around Clarke Quay.

Other performers confirmed are:

  • Midnight Youth (New Zealand)
  • Minor Soul (Hong Kong)
  • 9 Maps (Hong Kong)
  • This Sanctuary (Australia)
  • BTOB (Korea)
  • Fire Ex. (Taiwan)
  • Aftermiles (Indonesia)
  • Gary Nock (UK)
  • The Auditory Effect (Singapore)

Music Matters Live is free and open to the public and if you can’t make it down, you can always watch it over YouTube where it will be streamed live! Most of the showcases are free and open to the public (although they didn’t specific which performers).

Still trying to find out if “The Korean Night” showcase is open to the public.

[9 May 2012 | Update]

Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan has been added to the list of speakers at Music Matters.

Hashtag: #MMLiveSG, #MusicMatters2012