Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤) Live Studio Performance for AMPed in Singapore 2014 Post Mortem

Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤) @ Storey Telling Showcase Singapore 2014
Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤) @ Storey Telling Showcase Singapore 2014

Local rookie singer-songwriter Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤) did his first ever showcase in Singapore at the Beep Studios last Friday, 8 August 2014.

While I could hear the nerves in his voice especially at the beginning of the performance, Kenny looked confident on stage and managed to pull off an impressive one-hour performance. Not an easy feat at all mind you… especially since he had only debut a couple of months ago (if I understand it right).

I was quite impressed with Kenny’s stage presence and his ability to work the crowd. All the gigs he did on the pub circuit has certainly paid off.

However, stage banter needs to level up a little, the pub-styled is a little too casual for use on the bigger (commercial) stage. Fluency/smoothness in the banter also needs more practice.

Don’t get me wrong, while those are issues that Kenny seems to be lacking in, don’t forget that he is a rookie of a couple of months; and I can tell you that Kenny is definitely doing a lot better than some of those Kpop rookie idols (~1 year) out there that I have seen live.

All that said, I’m pretty sure that with Kenny’s determination to work hard, more practice and stage experience, he can succeed. I have no doubts about that. I certainly see the potential.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the showcase and I really liked how the entire audience was singing his debut song “伤者” back to him despite the song being released a couple of months ago (3 or 4 months ago I think).

Showcase set list:

  1. 经典对白
  2. 关于我们
  3. 单人套房
  4. 你还好吗
  5. 灵魂
  6. Home (cover of Kit Chan’s National Day Song)
  7. 伤者
  8. 自由
  9. 菲尼克斯

Here are the photos from the “Storey Telling” showcase:

Finally, I wish you all the best Kenny and may you succeed beyond your 5 year mark. 🙂 Bring us more bragging rights as Singaporeans ok? 😀

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