[2008.03.10] Trey Lockerbie, Singer
[2008.03.10] The Disclaimers, Very Cute and Hilarious Singers
[2008.03.10] Andrea Hamilton, Singer
[2008.03.13] Sondre Lerche, Singer
[2008.03.16] Colbie Caillat, Singer songwriter
[2008.03.23] Maroon 5, my fave Rock Band
[2008.05.09] Marié Digby, Singer songwriter
[2008.07.27] Daughtry, Rock Band
[2008.08.01] Travis, Rock Band
[2008.08.01] Alicia Keys, R&B Singer
[2008.08.01] Stacie Orrico, Singer
[2008.08.02] Mike Melee, Rock Band
[2008.08.02] Ricky Melee, Rock Band
[2008.08.02] Jamie Scott, Singer
[2008.08.02] Sasha Dearest, Band
[2008.08.02] Andre Dearest, Band
[2008.08.03] OneRepublic, Rock Band
[2008.08.03] Rick Astley, Singer
[2008.08.03] Panic At The Disco, Rock Band
[2008.09.25] Mika Hakkinen, retired F1 driver
[2008.09.25] Lewis Hamilton, F1 driver
[2008.09.27] Nick Heidfeld, F1 driver
[2008.09.27] Leo Sayer, singer
[2008.09.29] Robert Kubica, F1 driver
[2008.09.29] Nico Rosberg, F1 driver
[2008.10.03] Lifehouse, Rock Band
[2008.10.29] Kanye West, The Greatest Hip Hop Artist in the World
[2008.11.25] Kylie Minogue, OBE, nicest and sexist female artist of all time

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