Chunxi Road (春熙路)

Chunxi Road is a must visit for all the shopperholics. It’s the main shopping street/pedestrian mall in Chengdu. You can find all the major brand on/around this road. Honestly, the stuff that you find in Chunxi Road is not exactly cheap. They are mostly international brands/labels and they’re the same price and at most a dollar or two cheaper than in Singapore. They have some … Continue reading Chunxi Road (春熙路)

Daci Monastery (大慈寺)

Daci Monastery was another stop in our itinerary. Situated in the middle of Chengdu, it is the largest Buddhist monastery at the time when it was built (622 AD). It was in this temple that Master Xuan Zang (三藏法师玄奘) was initiated into monkhood. Master Xuan Zang is the monk in the “Journey To The West” stories. I actually didn’t know he was real. Haha. I … Continue reading Daci Monastery (大慈寺)

The journey to Jiu Zhai Gou (九寨沟)

We started from our hotel in Chengdu (成都) at about 8am in the morning. After about more than an hour or so, we were in the rural areas and you can start seeing mountains in the distance. Along the way, we started seeing the devastation of the 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake. It was heartbreaking. As the tour guide recalled some stories from the earthquake from the … Continue reading The journey to Jiu Zhai Gou (九寨沟)

Wide & Narrow Lanes, Chengdu (宽窄巷子, 成都)

We arrived in Chengdu (成都) at about 3plus – 4pm. It was hot as hell. Chengdu was pretty much like the other cities, high density residential housing, wide roads and heavy traffic. Despite Chengdu being a second-tier city (if memory serves me well), it most definitely didn’t feel like one. We headed straight to the Wide & Narrow Lanes (宽窄巷子, Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi). It is … Continue reading Wide & Narrow Lanes, Chengdu (宽窄巷子, 成都)