Seoul Adventure: Changdeok Palace and The Secret Garden

I finally made it to the Changdeok Palace (Changdeokgung) for a visit after having been to Seoul so many times. It’s pretty worth a visit especially together with the tour of the Secret Garden. The Changdeok Palace is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and from the little that I remembered from what the tour guide said during the free English guided tour, the last … Continue reading Seoul Adventure: Changdeok Palace and The Secret Garden

Dujiangyan Irrigation System (都江堰工程)

From Shuimo Town (水磨镇), we headed to visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation System (都江堰工程). I think it’s one of the most amazing things ever from ancient China! From Wikipedia: Dujiangyan (Chinese: 都江堰; pinyin: Dūjiāngyàn) is an irrigation infra-structure built in 256 BC during the Warring States Period of China by the Kingdom of Qin. It is located in the Min River (Chinese: 岷江; pinyin: Mínjiāng) in Sichuan province, China, near the capital Chengdu. It is still in use today to irrigate over 5,300 square kilometers of … Continue reading Dujiangyan Irrigation System (都江堰工程)