Life in the New Normal 2023

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I admit, I forgot my login password for the site. Hahaha.

Nevertheless, with over a year since the pandemic started, it’s clear that the world is still far from the “normal” that we once knew. Is this the new normal? Also, is this the prophesied end of the world we’ve heard so much about since the turn of the century?

Interestingly, these days, concert tickets are selling out like never before. Even before COVID-19, ticketing wars were largely dominated by K-pop and big names like Coldplay. However, these days, almost every other concert seems to be a ticketing war.

I was actually quite surprised to learn that Westlife sold out not just one but two nights at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at their recent tour. This is quite a feat, as they never managed to sell out any venue they played in Singapore during the peak of their popularity. It’s also interesting coz where did all you fans come from “suddenly”. LOL.

While Singapore wasn’t previously known for selling out concerts, it seems that there are now many events that reach capacity. While this is a positive thing from a lifestyle and entertainment perspective, it is not a positive thing for me coz y’all keep fighting with me for tickets. Haha.


In any case, despite the bustling concert scene recovery, life has been different and also busier than ever for me. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc during the pandemic and this was a major turning point. I had to reassess my priorities to focus on my health, which matters more and should have also mattered more in the past.

Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Regardless, I don’t regret any of the adventures I’ve had and any of the choices I made previously. Haha. I would still do it all over again now but with some modifications to accommodate my current physical condition.

I also now understand the meaning of “health is wealth” because no amount of money can compensate for poor physical health. Taking care of ourselves should be a top priority, and it’s something I’m now committed to. This is also a sign of aging right? Ahahahaha.

Anyway, I am sharing this now to hold myself accountable for prioritizing my health and also to encourage everyone of you to do the same. Taking care of ourselves is essential for living a fun and fulfilling life.

So eat well and be healthy!

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