Thoughts to Start 2022

I was reflecting on 2021 and re-reading my first post of 2021. Back then, I said that I don’t think we’d be out of the woods in 2021 and I wasn’t wrong. 2021 wasn’t as shitty as 2020 for me personally but it just pretty “meh” overall. I was watching the Mayday countdown livestream concert on Youtube last night and I realised that this is … Continue reading Thoughts to Start 2022


Southern Islands of Singapore

To support the local tourism business, the Singapore Government gave all citizens above 18 years old $100 of cash vouchers to spend on local tours, attractions and/or hotels staycation. The cash vouchers had to be utilised and the booked activity had to be completed by 31 December 2021. After a lot of inertia, I finally booked a tour to the Southern Islands of Singapore; namely … Continue reading Southern Islands of Singapore

BTS Meal

The McDonald’s BTS Meal

It has been quite a hiatus I’m taking, but then again, there really isn’t much going on either. The world is still pretty much on a stop/start/standstill-like state. The most exciting thing in my life right now is harvesting vegetables from my containers. Intially, when the fuss about the McDonald’s and BTS collab made the news, I was like, “meh”. I am not a fan … Continue reading The McDonald’s BTS Meal

Crazy Christmas 2020 - Keep The Dream Alive

Crazy Christmas Fun-raising Concert – Keep the DREAM Alive (2020)

It’s been a long time coming! To be able to attend a live show in-person again!! I did watched a couple of live online concerts from my beloved Super Junior. I definitely don’t mind the lower ticket prices and not having to long for ages at the toilet. However, it is not the same high when you are watching it alone at home in your … Continue reading Crazy Christmas Fun-raising Concert – Keep the DREAM Alive (2020)

Apple Store Marina Bay Sands

Apple Store Marina Bay Sands

In case you haven’t heard, the newest Apple Store has opened in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands! Apple Store Marina Bay Sands opens its door officially to public today, 10 September 2020 from 10:00 AM. In case you are thinking of checking the place out in the next few days/weeks, take note that you’ll have to make an appointment in view of safe distancing … Continue reading Apple Store Marina Bay Sands

Chaidura Insect Kill All Album Art

Chaidura Is Back With 2nd Single “Insect Kill All”

Chaidura is back with his second single, “Insect Kill All”; just weeks after garnering a listenership across various countries with the release of his first single “Ante Metus”. “Insect Kill All” is a play on the pronunciation of “Insecure” (geddit?). This is Chaidura’s first attempt at blending emo-rap and hip-hop elements into goth/metal music. The result is a hypnotic synth bass beat intertwined with Chaidura’s baritone … Continue reading Chaidura Is Back With 2nd Single “Insect Kill All”


Introducing: Chaidura

Introducing: Chaidura, an up and coming independent artist from Singapore. According to Chaidura, “When I started this project, I wanted to be vulnerable and bare my inner soul out to the world. I wanted the name to be personal. Consequently, I found out that “Chai” (part of my given name) meant ‘living’ in Hebrew; a meaning that resonated with me.” “I heard the word ‘Dura’ … Continue reading Introducing: Chaidura

Beyond The Super Show

Beyond The Super Show 2020 Post Mortem

I watched a couple of live performances over the Internet during the Singapore version of lockdown called “Circuit Breaker”. And it certainly wasn’t the same as watching a live performance in person. It was still enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not the same. So when Super Junior announced that they would be doing a live concert as part of the “SM Beyond … Continue reading Beyond The Super Show 2020 Post Mortem

Virtual Party

4 Ways to Have Fun At Home When Concerts Are Cancelled

With pretty much everything shut down due to the pandemic, it is still possible to find alternative ways to stay entertained at home. It’s not only good to be positive, it also helps you to stay sane amid all the chaos and strange things happening out there. With that in mind, here are four ways to be entertained and have fun at home now that … Continue reading 4 Ways to Have Fun At Home When Concerts Are Cancelled