David Archuleta arrival in Singapore 2012

David Archuleta arrived in Singapore on Sunday just past noon in time for his autograph signing session at HMV Marina Square.

There were a good 30 or 40 Archies who were at the airport waiting for David Archuleta at the arrival hall. While all of them generally were pretty well-behaved, the shame was in the way they kept singing David Archuleta’s songs just at the flight landed. The moment David Archuleta was sighted, those fans started screaming and waving banners. And people, this is how you make security freakout.

As a result, the security guards rushed David Archuleta into the van after he exited the baggage claim area. Fortunately for Manfred, David Archuleta decided to sign on the album sleeve before he rushed off. That lucky bastard was the only person who managed to get anything from David. Even I didn’t get good photos of David Archuleta as he walked out.

Anyway, here’s the photo of the said autograph:

Manfred's signed album sleeve

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