a1 Autograph Session in Singapore 2012

a1 hinted at an autograph session during the concert and I really like the way that they talked about it. They spoke of it like they were going to go shopping at HMV @ 313 Sommerset and how they are going to bring a pen along in case they needed to sign something. It was so cute and funny how they did it. Haha.

As my friends from Thailand few in to see a1, it was obvious that they would want to go to the autograph session as well. So I went down to HMV @ 313 Sommerset after work to meet my friends there. I wasn’t worried about getting into the queue because I already got their new album “Waiting For Daylight” signed when they arrived a few days ago. I  can still recall how Mark went, “OH! Thank YOU!” when I asked him to sign on the album.

I was pleasantly shocked by the queue and the number of fans who had showed up for the signing.

It’s quite clear that the fans who showed up were from 10 years ago. It’s really nice to know that there’s so many of you a1 fans out there who still love them boys after 10 years. 🙂

I heard that the album were snapped up really quickly and lots more of you guys had pre-ordered it as well. This pleases me a lot as it means that the chance of a1 coming back is really high! I know the boys would love to come back as well as it is no secret that they love Singapore and practically treat Singapore like their second home… somewhat.

Here’s hoping!

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