Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore Day 2

The show started fashionably late with the autumn/winter collection from Beyond Closet

Beyond Closet
Beyond Closet

It was then followed by the show from Vandal (Korea) by designer Heenim Yang. He also is a musician and the music used during show featuring his Vandalist Collection is actually
composed by him.

The Vandalist Collection had a very dark and military inspired look to it. It matches the
strong beats and groove in the music. Very cool.


Resurrection (Korea) was next.


After the show was Sungha Jung’s performance and you can read about Sungha Jung’s
performance on the second night here

Next was the show by D. Gnak from Korea.

D. Gnak
D. Gnak

Korean trio 8Eight was supposed to perform tonight but one of the members apparently fell sick and their performance was cancelled. In their place, the organizers shuffled Sungha Jung and Megan Lee’s from an earlier slot. I am not complaining for sure.

Read about Megan Lee’s performance with Sungha Jung on the second night here.

Finally, the day ended with the collection from General Idea (Korea).

General Idea
General Idea

And the performance that everyone is eagerly waiting for, SE7EN! You can read more about the Se7en performance here.

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