Katy Perry Live at the 2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Post Mortem

Katy Perry was no doubt the crowd puller for the off track entertainment at the 2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.

I was really curious about her performance because I have actually watched quite a number of videos of her live performance where she actually was crap. Yes she has good songs and all but she really wasn’t very good live.

Also, her voice quality and range is that of an alto and Katy Perry has a tendency to over-sing as if to prove a point. It is obvious that she went for voice lessons and yes it is paying off. I can hear it. There is no need to push so hard. It doesn’t mean that if you do not have a voice like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson and therefore you can’t sing. It doesn’t work like that.

Anyway, Katy Perry prepared a special set for the Formula 1 performance in Singapore because she is no longer on tour. She had a racing themed stage complete with the chequered flag and a race car prop on stage!

When she first came on stage, her voice was unstable and it was actually noticeable. Even my musically untrained brother was telling me that she sounds quite bad live. However, about 3 or 4 songs in, her voice must have warmed up enough and she did put on a great performance overall in the end.

Here is the set list:

  • Hot n Cold
  • Teenage Dream
  • Hummingbird Heartbeat
  • Waking Up in Vegas
  • Ur So Gay
  • Peacock
  • I Kissed a Girl
  • ET
  • Part of Me
  • Last Friday Night
  • Firework
  • Encore: California Girls

Katy Perry performance is the kind of show where you need to leave your brains at the door and embrace the inner bimbo/himbo. Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it if you take things too seriously.

That said, it was pretty fun wasn’t it? 🙂

** I don’t have many photos because I intelligently forgot to charge the battery in my camera….

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