SPOTTED: Agent 47 filming in Singapore 2014!

Agent 47 barcode
Agent 47 barcode

I was actually in Seoul when I found out that “Agent 47”, sequel of “Hitman” featuring Rupert Friend (lead actor), Hannah Ware (lead actress) and Zachary Quinto (villain) was filming in Singapore. You have no idea how gutted I was.

It has always been a wish and desire of mine to see Singapore being featured prominently in a major Hollywood production/blockbuster movie and “Agent 47” is my wish come true in a sense.

Yet I was in Seoul when filming wraps in Singapore on 8 May 2014. I would only arrive back in Singapore on 10 May 2014. I was quite sad about how I would miss the shoot in Singapore as I would have loved to see how a Hollywood production ticks.

I was hoping that filming would delay as they always do and true enough, the filming trip was extended twice before it finally wrapped on 15 May 2014 (I think).

So yes, needless to say, as soon as I got back to Singapore, I headed out to look for a filming location to hang around and have a look. I managed to find a location at Robinson Road and they had a gun fight scene too!! So exciting!!

The scene I spotted was in a back alley and I’m not sure what is going on but there were 3 “SWAT” guys who got shot and then Zachary Quinto arrives in a car, steps out and slams the car door with such a murderous vibe and intent.

I was completely in awe of Zachary Quinto’s acting charisma. We were standing quite a distance away (at least 25 metres) and out of frame (obviously) and we could still feel Zachary’s projection of anger and we were only looking at his back!! His 杀气真的很强!! We were so impressed! No doubt a Hollywood star.

I also want to make a special mention to one of the extras who was wearing the SWAT costume. I do not know your name or how you look like because you were wearing a helmet but you did a really fantastic job of “dying” pretty realistically.  That jump and landing your on back like that must have hurt and you didn’t see it but I was applauding your performance at the back at each take. Yes, I really clapped (softly). LOL. My friends can vouch for me. There was another older extra who gave you a pat on the back after the scene wrapped as well. You really deserved that pat on your back.

It was only after the scene wrapped that we realised that Rupert Friend and Hannah Ware were further in the alley and we didn’t see them.

Still, it was such a treat to watch Zachary Quinto in action. Also, we saw him walking in our direction to get his phone from the car. His charisma left us quivering in the wake. It didn’t help that I remember him clearly as the psychopath Sylar in “Heroes” and he had a similar vibe and expression on his face as he walked in our direction. If he had walked over and told me that he was going to kill me, I would believed him and run for my life. No shit.

That said, I understand Zachary Quinto to be really lovely and nice so yeah, that was amazing charisma and acting from him. Completely a fangirl now.

Rupert Friend autograph
Rupert Friend autograph

Alas, I only managed to get an autograph from Rupert Friend in the short time left after I came back from my holiday. Rupert looked tired but he still obliged to signing for us and he also said that he couldn’t take pictures with us as he was still wearing his costume.

We completely respect that but it still felt a bit odd because Rupert was just wearing regular office wear. LOL. White pressed office shirt, black pants and a red tie. Oh well.

Anyway, “Agent 47” is expected to hit the big screens in March 2015 or so. I’m so definitely watching this movie as I’m really curious and excited to see how Singapore appears on the big screen.

Here’s also hoping for the lead cast and director to come back to Singapore for the movie premiere! 😀

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