Adopting A Dog!

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t suddenly decide to adopt a dog. I have always wanted one since I was a kid but my parents didn’t agree to it until recently; I think it is because they got bored of waiting for grandchildren. LOL.

I started convincing my mother about getting a dog since the second half of 2014 or so. It was only a few weeks ago when they agreed to getting a dog. Needless to say, I googled around for relatively young dogs/puppy that are available for adoption immediately upon their agreement.

So we spotted this little local cross breed puppy called “Domino” was listed for adoption on the Action For Singapore Dogs (ASD) website and was instantly won over by her cute face and huge ears. Haha.

Kimbap "Koko" Domi
Kimbap “Koko” Domi

I got in touch with the people at ASD and they responded pretty quickly that she was available for adoption! (Thank God!) The pup was living with a fosterer and we quickly made an arrangement to view the dog and see if we would be a good match to each other.

That was last weekend (10 May 2015) and right now, the dog on a 2 week homestay “trial” and lying under the table that I have my laptop on sleeping/resting as I type this.

Kimbap "Koko" Domi
Kimbap “Koko” Domi

I must admit that I thought that she was just larger than a jack russell terrier or a taller corgi type size and I was a little surprised by how big and tall she was. There goes all my plans for putting her into a dog bag to carry around. LOL.

I think some of you guys know that I wanted to call her “Kimbap” but my parents want to call her “Koko” but she responds a little to “Domi” so in the end, we decided that her official name shall be “Kimbapkokodomi” as a compromise. LMAO. But we’ll just call her “Koko”. Oh well.

Still, it’s all good. I can’t believe how obedient and smart she is given that she is essentially not an obedience-trained dog. Extremely impressed!

She doesn’t bark unless there is someone at the door, doesn’t enter the toilet, doesn’t rush/barge out of the house when the gate is closed but unlocked, doesn’t chew on anything, doesn’t jump onto the bed or couches and the cutest thing is how she does check that you are still behind her if she is running ahead of you… and we haven’t even had her for 24 hours. Kinda too good to be true somewhat. LOL. Pretty sure that she’ll get into some mischief as she gets more comfortable in the house.

Anyway, she is so precious and I’m really glad that we found her. It’s kinda sad to think that she would have to be put down if there is no space for her in the shelter or if no one adopts her.

Kimbap "Koko" Domi
Kimbap “Koko” Domi

If you ever want to get a pet, consider adopting first before buying. It’s a lot cheaper and you are doing a good deed to the society as well.

Feel free to ask if you want to know anything and I’ll share what I know/can.

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