South Park Is Back For Season 20!

South Park Season 20
South Park Season 20

South Park is back!! Season 20 premieres on Wednesday, 5 October 2016 at 10.00 pm (TH/WIB) and 11.00 pm (HK/PH/SG/TW) on Comedy Central Asia.

I love South Park!! I’ve followed the series since the very first episode back on 13 August 1997 and I have watched every single episode without fail. I can’t believe it’s at season 20 now.

In the season 20 premiere episode “Member Berries,” Garrison is still on the campaign trail and the National Anthem gets a reboot by an American Icon. I’m sure South Park is going to be fun with all the Trump vs Clinton action going on in the campaign trail going on in the USA right now. So much material to work on.

Watch the Season 20 trailer here:

In celebration of 20 seasons of South Park, you can create your own South Park alter-ego or make one for family and friends! Visit to create one for yourself.


In addition, South Park has teamed up with GIPHY to create tons of GIFs for your use! Head on over to GIPHY to check them out!


You can watch selected episodes (2) of South Park on Comedy Central Asia daily at 9.30 pm (TH/WIB) and 10.30 pm (HK/PH/SG/TW) that culminates in the season 20 premiere. Also, Comedy Central will debut “The Making of South Park”, the 2011 documentary, on Thursday, 15 September 2016 at 9.30 pm (TH/WIB) and 10.30 pm (HK/PH/SG/TW).

Let me leave you with the South Park song:

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