Michael Bublé Live in Singapore 2011

Lady killer Michael Bublé is coming back to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 9 March 2011!!

I was pretty excited until I saw the ticket price. The most expensive ticket is actually SGD288 and the cheapest was SGD98 (all prices before the S$3 SISTIC fee).

While I do love Michael Bublé, I think it’s pretty expensive and it’s making me think twice about going. I went to look at the ticket prices for Hong Kong and see that it’s about the same as Singapore. Then I realised that it’s the same organiser so that would make sense.

Then I looked at the ticket prices in Australia and their priciest ticket is actually still below SGD200. Their cheapest ticket was about SGD110 though.

I don’t know. Should I or should I not go to the Michael Bublé concert?

2 thoughts on “Michael Bublé Live in Singapore 2011

  1. How badly do you want to see the concert? Rate it on a scale of 1-10 and if it falls below 5, then you have your answer. You could always get lucky and there might be a promo contest and you could get a free ticket.

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