Stalking Etiquette 101

The craziest week in the stalking calendar every year is here. The F1 weekend. I’ve had people asking me for information and tips etc so I’ll just put it all down in one place.

  1. The <famous person> is NOT obligated to stop to sign and/or take a photo with you. They do not owe you anything.
  2. If you want to approach the <famous person>, stop at a distance and call them loudly but politely. If they ignore you, they’re the bitch. Sometimes, they do not stop if there are too many fans and/or if the fans are too rowdy for safety reasons.
  3. Be polite and respectful of the <famous person>. If they say no then back off.
  4. I’ve always said this, I’ll share information where I can (usually on Twitter if you really wanna know). I don’t really have to tell you guys anything. We hunt for the information and sharing it to the world ruins our own chances of getting an autograph and/or a photo so why would we want to do that? Furthermore, sometimes, sharing information can get people into trouble/make them lose their jobs so we don’t want that either.
  5. NEVER EVER SCREAM/BE A NUISANCE IN THE HOTEL LOBBY WHEN YOU SEE THE <FAMOUS PERSON>. It guarantees that you + all the other fans will kicked out of the hotel property (including not being able to stand near the door). Chances are, no fan will be able to get anywhere near the hotel for the rest of the time the artist is in town. You’ll also be hated by the other fans for being the idiot who got everyone kicked out.

Finally, here are some of my experiences in stalking the artists who will be in town this week/some time soon:

  • The Script — very nice guys. Will sign and take photos.
  • Noel Gallagher — quite scary but will stop for autographs and photos. Not a very patient guy too.
  • Katy Perry — will sign but will NOT allow photos if she doesn’t have make up on. If you see her with shades (even at night) and a cap, know that she will not agree to photos.
  • Maroon 5 — Adam Levine WILL run if there are fans. Not an easy guy to stop. Mickey, James and Matt are totally sweet. Never met PJ. Jesse is lovely too.
  • Jay Chou — don’t waste your time.
  • James Morrison — totally lovely. Will sign and take photos.

2 thoughts on “Stalking Etiquette 101

  1. any info on what time and which terminal they arrive in singapore? (the script). Total big fan of theirs! 🙂 it’d be awesome if you’d help!

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