Janet’s Number Ones, Upclose and Personal (Singapore)

Janet is simply FANTASTIC!!!!

I’m not saying that as a fan. I like Janet Jackson but to be really honest, I haven’t followed her career long enough to call myself a hardcore fan of her’s (partly because she is a little before my time). I only decided to go to the concert because a friend wanted to go and I thought that it’s a Jackson so it should be good. Sure enough, she didn’t disappoint.

The stage was pretty sparse if you ask me. So maybe the theme was up close and personal and they thought that they should keep the stage plain to focus on Janet? (Or in other words, cheapo and save on logistical costs.) Janet did have costume changes though, about 4 or 5 of them I think, I lost count after a while. =) Got too into the music.

Regardless, the stage definitely wasn’t a focus throughout the concert.

If you can see the photos, you can make out that Janet’s cleavage was definitely one of the  focus during the night. LOL. It’s kinda like her trademark or something. I also realised that a lot of her dance moves had her touching her boobs. It’s just like how Michael Jackson owned the crotch-grabbing move.

Also, I must say that Janet doesn’t look fat at all like in some photos of her. She has the booty and all but she sure doesn’t look fat.

I’m also not sure if she really did all 35 songs in the concert because most of them are medleys and I’m not familiar enough with her discography to tell one song from another. I recognised a few songs from the 90s onwards but that’s about it.

I’m definitely happy that she did “All For You”, “Scream” and “Together Again”. I couldn’t resist screaming during “Scream”. Hehehe.

Oh and when she did the slower songs, she sounded exactly like Michael Jackson!!!! Which was kinda freaky!

It was definitely an awesome concert! I love Janet a little more now.

2 thoughts on “Janet’s Number Ones, Upclose and Personal (Singapore)

  1. Great review and pics! Although i must point out that the whole focus of this tour is Janet and her talent, not an elaborate stage and over-the-top effects. She’s already done that on all her other legendary tours throughout her career; her and her brother set the standard for those type of shows. Now, every artist does that kind of show. Janet is thinking outside the box & staying ahead of the game, in true Jackson form. So it has nothing to do with ‘cheaper logistical costs’. Still, it’s great to see that you had a great time!

    1. Cheers for that. I do agree that it’s probably meant to focus on Janet and her talent but we get a lot of concerts here with watered down stage, costumes and effects so I couldn’t help but wonder that point.

      Anyway, I got to experience what Janet is about in my first concert of her ever so that’s all that matters. Truly a legend and a Jackson deal.

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