How To Get To SM Town Museum, Seoul

I finally went to the SM Town Museum as part of the SM Global Package event for the Super Junior Super Show 8 Tour in Seoul on 12 October 2019.

SM Town Museum
SM Town Museum

SM Town is located at CoEx Mall and you can get there by taking Line 2 (Green) to Samseong Station and get out via Exit 6. You definitely won’t miss seeing the SM ARTium as you exit the station. The SM Town Museum is located on Level 3 of SM ARTium.

The SM Town Museum is a must visit if you are a SM stan or just a music and entertainment buff in general. The place contains the entire discography of all the SM artists from their debut to date.

Super Junior
Super Junior

There are also some artefacts of their costume sketches of some of their comeback concepts on display.

Super Junior
Super Junior

There are also actual stage and music video costumes on display as well.

I must say that it definitely still kinda hurts when I looked at the SHINee sections of the museum. I walked past them very quickly. (Sulli was still very much alive when I went to the museum on 12 October 2019.)

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be responsible for the words and things that you say online and/or circulate privately via messengers. All the cyberbullying keyboard warriors needs to stop. Celebrities/Idols are humans as well; be kinder to everyone.

Finally, SM Town Museum is a ticketed part of the SM ARTium and it is open from 11:30 AM – 8:30 PM KST.

Tickets are priced at

  • ₩18,000 at the door
  • ₩16,200 online
  • ₩12,500 for SM Nation Passport Holders
  • ₩9,000 for elderly aged above 65, military and disabled + 1 companion

You can also walk around other parts of the SM ARTium for free. There is a café and SM store there to buy all the official merchandise of your favourite SM Artists.

Have fun!

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