Merlion Hotel – Singapore Biennale 2011

We went to check out the Merlion Hotel which is an art installation by Tatzu Nishi as part of the Singapore Biennale 2011.

Merlion Hotel
The exterior of the Merlion Hotel

We arrived to a queue only to realise that they were letting people in in groups of 20 every 10/15 mins. It was about a 30 – 45 minutes of wait for us before we got in I think.

inside the merlion hotel
Inside the Merlion Hotel

The room was pretty huge and it’s quite weird to see the merlion so closed up. You don’t really grasp the size of the thing until you’re practically standing beside it. Still, it’s really cool and interesting to see the merlion to be portrayed like a sculpture in the room.

the toilet of the merlion hotel
The toilet of the Merlion Hotel

And the toilet is overlooking the bay and the view is pretty stunning. Stunning in this sense can take 2 meanings: 1, beautiful and 2, shock. Haha. For from the viewing extension, people can actually see a little into the room and toilet. So, if you are taking a shower and you forget to pull down the blinds you are basically giving people a free show. Unless you’re an exhibitionist then it’ll be heaven. 🙂

another view of the merlion hotel
Another view of the Merlion Hotel

The Merlion Hotel is definitely worth a look if you ask me. And a tip, wear easy to remove footwear for no shoes are allowed in there.

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