Travelling through Guangzhou, Hezhou, Guilin and Yangshuo (Part 3)

  • Impression: Liu San Jie (印象:刘三姐)— This show is definitely the highlight of the whole journey. It’s by far the most spectacular show/performance that I’ve ever seen in my life.Comprising of about 600 actors on a stage that is a river and a backdrop of 12 mountains, the audience of 3,700 let out a collective “WAH!” when the lights first came on in the opening scene of the show and was subsequently awed into silence.

My photo doesn’t do the scene any justice at all. You can check out their official website for more photos of the place and the show but really, this show is a MUST SEE if you are ever anywhere near the place. In fact, if you can, you should make the effort to go there to watch the show. It is truly spectacular.

A word of advice: because the stage is the water of a real river, the performance is subjected to the weather and river tide conditions. If possible, you might want to schedule a couple of days for your stay there just in case the there is no performance that night due to bad weather/river conditions.

  • West Street, Yangshuo (西街, 阳朔) — This is a pedestrian mall and it’s quite happening at night. There are quite a few clubs along the street and lots of food and shops which open till late. When I left the area around 11.30pm or so, a good 30 – 40% of the shops were still open/just about the close.

  • Yinzi Cave (银子岩景区) — The karst formations within the cave are pretty amazing. It definitely looks more awesome as a result of coloured lighting. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing sight.

  • Star Lake, Zhaoqing (七星湖, 肇庆) — There is nothing really spectacular about this lake except that it’s the training ground for the canoeists who are preparing for the London 2012 Olympics or any competition whatsoever. You can skip this attraction if you want really. Nothing much to see there.

  • Archway Square (牌坊广场) — Also, this attraction isn’t really worth the time as well. It’s supposed to be one of  China’s top 10 cultural square/piazza but I’m not sure I see how or why.

  • Yuexiu Park (越秀公园) — This park is massive but we only had time for one small part of the park. That is to see the statue of the 5 goats. The shame.

However, it’s very interesting to note that just outside the entrance of the park, I spotted a condom vending machine. Hahaha. I’m not sure why there’s a few condom vending machine along the streets; I thought that it was super random though.

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