Hurts arrival in Singapore

(L-R): Theo, Adam

British Electro-pop duo Hurts arrived in town today for a one-night only gig at the Esplanade Theatre tomorrow, 10 May 2011.

It was really a stroke of luck to meet them. When we arrived, they were already chomping away on a sandwich they bought from the deli in the terminal. We were really close to missing them. It was a timely turn of my head that I spotted them.

I approached Adam first and asked him if he could sign an autograph for me. He was like, “Sure! *turns to Theo who has walked off* THEO!!! COME HERE!!” before he signed for me.

How nice was that?!?!? 🙂

Adam Hurts' autograph
Theo Hurts' autograph

So I took the chance and asked Adam if he was at the Tron Premiere in London last year. He said that he didn’t go but Theo went. I then told Theo that I spotted him but wasn’t sure of his name at that time but I knew that he was “the guy from Hurts”. Theo then smiled *faints* and went, “COOL!!” He has a really adorable smile.

Hurts is an act to watch. Having only made their debut in 2010, they have already duet with Kylie Minogue!! She wanted to work with them after she heard them covering her song “Confide In Me”.

So here is their first single “Wonderful Life”:

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