Dakota Fanning in Singapore 2013 for the World Premiere of the Chanel Cruise 2013/2014 Collection

If you didn’t know, Dakota Fanning was one of the guests on the super private fashion show for the world debut of Karl Lagerfeld’s Cruise Collection 2013/2014 for Chanel.

The event was so private and exclusive that no one knew who was coming for the event until the celebrities who are actually attending talked about it themselves over their own social media channels.

About 2 or 3 days ago, I’ve heard that Dakota Fanning and Keira Knightly might attend the Chanel Cruise event but there was no way to confirm anything until the reports and review of the fashion show was out.

Honestly, I didn’t know Dakota Fanning is here in Singapore for real until I saw pictures of her being tweeted by the guests in attendance.  Fortunately, I was already out and about trying to stalk Super Junior’s Choi Siwon (who also attended the event) so when Dakota showed up, it was a complete surprise and needless to say, a major bonus!

Dakota Fanning in Singapore 2013

However, there were more than 60 fans at the hotel waiting for Siwon so when Dakota saw the crowd, she looked pretty conflicted when we asked her for an autograph. She didn’t want to sign initially and wanted to just get away but another fan gave her a book and then Dakota decided to sign one autograph in return for the gift.

Dakota Fanning in Singapore 2013 -- autograph

What Dakota doesn’t realise is, all the fans there were actually waiting for Siwon. Lol. (I know that because other celebrities which I don’t recognise came back and no one bothered much about them.) Most of them don’t really know who she is actually.

Anyway, while I didn’t get an autograph or anything, but it was cool since like I said, she was a complete surprise especially since I was really just waiting for Siwon. 🙂

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  1. I am her fan <3 but somehow I didn't know she was in Singapore till yesterday night ;___;

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