Il Volo arrival in Singapore

Il Volo has just arrived back in Singapore for the autograph session at 2pm, Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and the President’s Star Charity Show tonight from 7.30pm.

The boys are so adorable and it’s really difficult not to like them. 🙂 (I am very biased, I know.)

Anyway, here are the photos that I took with them today:

Gianluca Il Volo
Ignazio Il Volo
Piero Il Volo

Gianluca was looking very tired as he stepped out from the baggage claim area. Universal Music Singapore were doing some filming so we’re holding back from approaching so  as not to appear in their filming.

As soon as they camera’s focus moved to his dad, I waved at Gianluca to catch his attention to ask him for an autograph. It took about 2 or 3 waves before he noticed us. He came over and said, “Sorry.” Aaawwww. How sweet of him to apologise for not noticing us earlier?

Gianluca's autograph

This autograph has a funny story behind it. Haha. He asked me what my name was and when I told him “Joyce”, he looked quite horrified as he didn’t know how to spell it. I spelt it for him and then we both realised that he didn’t know which alphabets they were and then he turn around to look for his dad and went “I need help.” and starting asking his dad in italian to help him read the alphabets that I’m spelling in italian. After he was done writing my name, he looked at me to confirm if the spelling was correct before he started signing. It was so funny.

So after I was done, Roxanne asked him to sign and then he asked her what her name was. After seeing him struggle with the language, Roxanne told Gianluca that her name was “Rox”. At first he thought she said “Rose” and we’re like, “no, Rox. R-O-X”. I started drawing the letters for him and he was like, “Oh.” And he wrote “X” wrongly and went “oops!” He then started drawing an “X” over his mistake.

Manfred asked us to help him get an autograph from Il Volo so Roxanne passed Gianluca another cue card to sign. He once again asked who is it for. We’re like, “Manfred.” He looked even more horrified and you could see that he already is regretting that he asked for our names. Hahaha. Still, he is very sweet. Love him loads!

Ignazio's autograph

There ain’t a story behind Ignazio’s autograph as it was a brief encounter. Ignazio is really adorable like a teddy bear. 🙂 I had to run off after he signed and took a picture with me because I had to catch up with Piero.

Piero's autograph

That boy was playing with the trolleys in the airport. LOL. He was using it like a skate scooter and scooted all the way ahead of the pack. I had to run after him to get my other album signed! That rascal! 🙂

Signed Il Volo album

Anyway, they are so, so, so, so lovely and adorable. I’m falling really badly for them. (Dammit, why do they have to be so young? LOL.)

18 thoughts on “Il Volo arrival in Singapore

  1. wow! how did you get photos with them?
    by the way, do you know what time is their flight tomorrow? 🙂

  2. Oh man!! You’re so lucky!! Then are you gonna wait for them and stalk them at the airport tomorrow?

  3. Hahahah!! Oh man why!!! I need a professional stalker with me 🙁 I went for their showcase and their signing and up till now I haven’t gotten any photo with them! Not even one 🙁 that’s why I want to see them tomorrow! Sobs

    1. Actually, if you waited after the showcase, they did stop to sign and take photos for the fans as they left.

  4. Yeah I know! My friend told me! But I had to rush off! 🙁 I’m totally regretting everything now! If only someone out there knows their flight schedule :/ how did you know what time they reached Singapore and where?

  5. Omg, I’m gna cry!! I saw u there, jovenatheart! It really sucked at the autograph signing ,why no pics? U were so lucky!I smiled when Ignacio smiled and said hi,I smiled and I gave Gianluca a note that I wrote and told him to make sure they all read it and he flashed that sexy smile of his and killed me..I was so stunned all I could do to piero was smile real sweetly and he smiled back and I died…again.
    Do u think they really read it? My heart aches from not doing more.. When they came on stage I was shaking so much! I’m crying inside!! This won’t be the last time I meet them! Never! I will never forget this day.Ever. If u ever see them again, please tell them that I love them! Especially Gianluca…or..piero… Ugh!! I’m tied between those two!! But Gianluca Is a lot sexier , Piero is a lot hotter, and Ignacio is a lot sweeter in person!!! :'(

  6. Wow!!! You are a very lucky girl! I have been wanting a proper photo taken with them for so long now…..

  7. buona. Sono in VDD Bloh brasiliano trovato questo sito è uque qualunque successo vendeva ii aki Naum Mi piace molto la loro musica più che sai che io sono innamorato di gio piero è uh amore della mia vita!

  8. bene:) .. Sono i ragazzi brasiliani che mi piace molto il more’m Volo follemente innamorato di piero .. non perché sia ​​più cantare perché è così bella che farebbe di tutto per stare con lui se non per un minuto:) ti amo piero

  9. Sono la figlia di 15 anni di origine italiana e non passa mai dei miei genitori che volevo sapere piero molto lo ammetto non mi piacciono la maggior parte delle canzoni per loro (piero) farei qualsiasi cosa per saltare su una scogliera, non importa a che ora è il mio amore per piero:)

  10. Hi Joyce!!! I know my message is 4 yrs too late but still I just wanna drop u a short msg here…. not sure if u r still following & idolizing IL VOLO but I am! I just attended their 2 out of 3 concerts in Rome (23 & 24 Jun) & was v v lucky to be able to meet Gianluca, Ignazio & Piero up close at their sound-checks pre-concert. We hugged, chatted & took photos individually with them & in a group. It was a dream came true for me as I’m such a big fan of theirs. They have the most amazing voices & wonderful personalities. You shd see them now, they have all matured into even more gorgeous & sexy idols! Pls reply to me as I would love to touch base with you & other IL VOLO fans here in SG… I spoke to their tour manager, Ms Barbara Vitalli and she said that they are most likely to come to SG & Asia next year for concerts. I can’t wait!! Ciao! Winnie

    1. Wow. You saw the grown-up version of Il Volo!! I’ve been following their growth and lives from their Twitter accounts and man!! It’s so hard core that you watched them twice in Roma!!

      There is no such thing as too late. 🙂 I have been sucked into Kpop for the last few years but I do still keep an eye on what the Il Volo boys are up to from the side.

      Good to know that they intend to come back! Can’t wait!!

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