Bruno Senna in Singapore

Bruno Senna is the last of the drivers that I met over the F1 weekend in Singapore. He is one of the drivers that I really wanted to meet this year (the other one being Kamui Kobayashi whom I didn’t get to meet in the end :().

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I finally met Bruno! He is every bit as lovely as I imagined him to be. 🙂 Also, he was so much better looking in person than he is in the picture! If you can look past his hair, he is actually very handsome. Lovely eyes and a sweet smile.

Bruno Senna

I nearly fainted when he looked into my eyes and told me to enjoy myself before he walked away. The sincerity I saw in his eyes kills me.

Bruno Senna's autograph

(If I sound super biased in this article, I probably am. Haha)

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  1. OMG kidding aside… can I be your friend? OH MY GOOD LORD BRUNO. panties on the floooooooooooooooooor!

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