Jaurim at Music Matters Live 2014 Post Mortem


Okay, confession. I only caught Jaurim only because I was walking between other venues. I have absolutely no idea who Jaurim was but I definitely noticed the huge crowd and their excitement to see Jaurim. If so many people were excited, they had to be good right?

Jaurim is a rock band from South Korea and while I am not familiar with any of the 2 songs I heard them perform, I was struck by the powerful vocals coming from the tiny female lead singer, Kim Yoon-ah. 🙂

I was told by my friends about how a fangirl actually cried after she got her CD signed by Kim Yoon-ah. It was really amusing to hear how the fangirl cried but then again been there done that, so I am not judging at all. ^^

Anyway, here are a few more photos from the very short time I was there watching Jaurim. Enjoy.

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