Taio Cruz arrival in Singapore

It was very interesting to note that when Taio Cruz arrived and we approached him for an autograph, the lady who was there to pick him up went, “I swear that I didn’t tell anyone that you would be here!!”

We got the impression that Taio Cruz isn’t someone who particularly likes being approached by fans for an autograph or photos judging from that lady’s reaction and Taio’s facial expression subsequently.

Taio Cruz's autograph

Even when he signed on my album sleeve, he was so not-committed to signing at all (you should have seen his face). He just scrawled “TC” on it and that’s it.

Seriously, I don’t understand these people, I’m not even asking him to sign on a piece of paper, it’s was his album dammit! Can’t you should a little bit more appreciation to a fan?

A little disappointed really. Fortunately, I’m not like a super die-hard Taio Cruz fan else I’d be so gutted.

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