Prince William and Kate Middleton in Singapore 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge namely Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton are in town for a whirlwind tour in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee Celebrations for 60 years on the throne.

I was in (delusional) love with Prince William when he was in his teens and I still have a soft spot for him. Also, back then, I had this very sure feeling that I will get to meet him someday in my lifetime.

While I didn’t exactly meet him, I was totally happy and contented that I was able to see Prince William in the flesh within an arms length. Childhood dream fulfilled.

I first went to Gardens by the Bay in the morning and I only got a quick glance at them as their buggy drove by. I tried to jostle around for a better view but there was just too many people and so here’s the only crappy photo that I managed to get in the morning:

I wasn’t satisfied with that quick glimpse of the Prince William and Kate Middledone so we decided to go down to Strathmore Green in Queenstown for another look.

Here are the photos that I have from the whole day:

Don’t they look look so perfect together? And doesn’t Kate Middleton look gorgeous and regal? Le sigh… Lucky girl is living the dream of millions of girls out there; becoming a princess. Still, I’m very happy for her and I do wish that Prince William and Kate Middleton stay together forever. They really are perfect together.

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