2PM Hands Up Music Video

A friend asked me to watch 2PM’s music video for “Hands Up” to get me “in the mood” since 2PM will be in Singapore on 19 November 2011 for their “Hands Up” concert.

She has been trying quite futilely to get me to move on past Super Junior and embrace the other Hallyu Idols but it’s not working very well. Hahaha.

In any case, I watched the 2PM music video and I was like, “WOW!!”

Wow because the music video was quite clearly filmed in Singapore and damn they make Singapore look like Vegas!! I have never realised that Singapore can look so good, glamourous and sexy on screen. The Singapore GP looked good but this is quite Vegas/Beverly Hills California level of sexiness! Incredible!

Finally, the song is actually pretty catchy and Nichkhun is cute. Hahaha. 😉 I just MIGHT try to stalk 2PM when they come in next month. We’ll see how it goes. Hahaha.

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