Blue to release Champagne City in January 2012

So you guys know that I’ve been out and about trying to spot the guys of Blue in the crowd along Orchard Road. The effort paid off! 🙂

Apart from photos and autographs from them, I also got word that they are going to release a single called “Champagne City” in January 2012!! It’s a dance track apparently and it’s going to be thumping!

I can already visualize what the music video will look like:

Duncan, Lee, Simon and Anthony in tuxedos/suits looking sexy strutting into a swanky club. Then there’ll be some slow-motion dance sequence and we will cut to the solo scenes as we head into the verse.

I’m also visualizing that there should be a dance routine for the chorus, musical interlude (if there is one) and the grand finale in the final scene of the video.

Finally, the video should end with the guys exiting the club at sunrise before we fade to a black background with the words “Champagne City/Blue” in champagne color of course!

LOL. Excited much aren’t I?

2 thoughts on “Blue to release Champagne City in January 2012

  1. Wowww champagne city. . . .wat a name ths is. . I ‘ve been waiting 4 a uptempo ,dancey track frm so long frm blue. . . . . . 😉

  2. finally after the eurovision blue are coming back with hopefully a similar look with more of a modern edge. no doubt this tune will be a hit.

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