Blue shopping in Singapore

By a real stroke of luck, we found Blue shopping after their arrival in Singapore. Seriously, it was one of the best days in terms of stalking EVER!!

My favorite member, Duncan James is HUNKALICIOUS!! Oh. My. God. No photos coz I was too busy staring at him that I forgot to ask for a picture of him. (Someone asked but he didn’t really want to be photographed alone. He was shy.)

Lee Ryan looks SUPER HOT with his glasses!!! Love the hair. 😀

Lee Blue

Simon Webbe still looks exactly the same since the last time he was here. How did he managed not to age a day at all?!?! So unbelievable!! (and jealous much!!)

Simon Blue

Look at Anthony:

Anthony Blue

Look at the super cute smile. It’s been about 10 years since Blue debut and he’s still got that boyish smile/charm.

Anyway, here are the photos I took with the guys:

Duncan Blue

This was a complete surprise for me from Duncan. Totally made my week! <3

Lee Blue
Simon Blue
Anthony Blue

4 thoughts on “Blue shopping in Singapore

  1. Hey! Lucky you!! getting pictures with them! and duncan hugging ya! how on earth did you manage to find out where they went shopping?! Do you have anymore information on their schedule? I would really love to meet them. I’m such a crappy fan..cant barely find any information on their trip here.

    1. We happened to be in ION and then we saw them. So we just followed them. 🙂 They seem to be doing press in ION today. An option would be to hang around in ION?

  2. Unfortunately I’m at work and I end at 6pm. Guess the only way to see them on sat. Hopefully I would be able to win the M&G contest. Thanks thou 🙂

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