The Wanted Battleground album launch party in Singapore

Universal Music Singapore is being really nice to all the fans in The Wanted Family. They’ve decided to throw an album launch party right here in Singapore.

And because they know how enthusiastic you fans of The Wanted are in Singapore, they’re releasing information in bits because they’re telling you what they have can as soon as it is confirmed. They know you guys can’t stand the suspense of all the information at one go (meaning a longer wait before you hear any other details). So just be patient with them. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what Universal Music Singapore has announced so far:

  • [21 November 2011] The album launched party will happen (tentatively) on 14 December 2011.
  • [22 November 2011] You need to grab a copy of “Battleground”. 1 CD admits 1 person.
    For now, I’d actually say to wait because they might allow entry based on a particular version so don’t just all excited an buy a version which you later realise doesn’t allow you entry into the party. (Alternatively, if you got that spare cash, you can buy another copy of “Battleground”. :)) Also, they responded to someone on twitter asking for you to buy the local (Singapore/SEA?) version.
  • [23 November 2011] The album launch party will be held at St James Power Station and there is NO AGE LIMIT! Rejoice!
  • [24 November 2011] Doors will open at 6pm.
  • [25 November 2011] The Wanted are NOT going to be physically at the launch party but they will be there via a webcast instead.
  • [27 November 2011] The standard version of Battleground is preferred for entry to this party.
  • [11 December 2011] Doors to Movida will now open at 4pm! Spread the word!

I’ll update the information on this page as soon as Universal Music Singapore says something so you all can find the information in one place. You guys can post links in the comments/email me (via the contact me section) if you find that I’ve missed any information.

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