Chinese New Year 2012

So I’ve been quiet on the blog for about a week or so. It’s been quiet on the concerts and stalking bit of things here anyway. Chinese New Year in Singapore is like Christmas in America/Europe, it is a big deal and nothing really happens on the calendar.

As a Chinese (ethnically), I do care more about Chinese New Year as a time for family gatherings than Christmas really. Christmas to me is all about commercialization. There’s too much focus on the buying stuff that no one really wants/needs to give to family and friends as a gesture that we care and think about them.

I think I’ve reached a point where I don’t really care if I don’t get any presents at Christmas. I’ve also stopped buying gifts for Christmas too. How many bath & shower gel sets or mugs did you receive last year for Christmas? How many gifts did you receive you are genuinely happy about?

Anyway, I’ve digressed. 🙂 Chinese New Year. Yes, it’s about the awkward family gatherings with nosy aunts who ask you lots of questions that you don’t wish to answer, and cousins and new nieces/nephews that you never realised you had. Oh yeah, there was a year where a stranger walked into the house and then I was told that he is my 2nd degree cousin. Sadly, I’ve forgotten his name and how he looks like. Haha. Oops.

The highlight of Chinese New Year is all about the pineapple tarts and bak kwas that you get to snack upon as you watch the tv if you are not gambling. Haha. Oh and the ang baos (red packets) of coz. It’s a great time to buff up the concert fund. 🙂

That said, save up y’all, I’ve heard that Lady Gaga is heading to Asia to possibly kickstart her Born This Way Ball (not sure if that’s what her tour will be called) in April 2012. She promised us a date so I’m counting on it!

Finally, watch this space. I do have more extra autographs which I don’t mind to give away. 🙂 No point keeping extras in my cupboard is there? I just need to get to sorting it out from my cupboard…

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