Seoul Adventure: Chungmuro Pet Street

Since I adopted a dog back in May, I’ve always been on a look out for store/shops selling pet stuff in perpetual hope of maybe finding something that is cheaper and/or better than what is available in Singapore.

So needless to say, being such a frequent visitor to Seoul, I navered up pet shops in Seoul and the “Chungmuro Pet Street” appeared and I decided to go check it out when I was there last week.

Chungmuro Pet Street
Chungmuro Pet Street

Honestly, the place was pretty disappointing. There were more shops selling puppies and kittens than pet supplies and just so you know, in the 2 shops that I found on that street that stocks pet supplies, it wasn’t cheaper than Singapore.

Also, I walked into the building with “World Pet 21” but I don’t know if I went at the wrong time or day or something but a guy stopped me from going into the building and told me that the “pet shop” was closed. I’m not exactly sure what he meant though… if anyone has been to this “World Pet 21” shop place, I’d be interested to know if they have pet supplies and how much do they cost etc.

Anyway, even if the toys were not exactly cheaper than Singapore, I got a chew toy for my dog otherwise she’ll get angry with me. LOL.

Chungmuro Pet Street
Chungmuro Pet Street

Other than looking at cute puppies in the displays, Chungmuro Pet Street isn’t all that great for a pet owner to stock up on supplies. I think the Jongno side has a bit more shops with pet supplies than this street. I remember walking past some shops on my previous trips but back then, I didn’t have a dog yet so I didn’t bother to look carefully. I’ll go find the place exactly and then make a post when I next go to Seoul or something.

Still, if you are interested in checking out the Chungmuro Pet Street, get out from Exit 1 or 8 of Chungmuro Station. There are shops on both sides of the street so it doesn’t matter which one your come out from.

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