Sandi Thom arrival in Singapore 2012

Scottish singer-songwriter Sandi Thom arrived in Singapore earlier today for the first time ever to play a show at Timbre @ The Substation tomorrow night (7pm). The show is free but I’m pretty sure you’ll be asked to get a drink/some food while you’re there.

Anyway, Sandi Thom was really sweet and very pretty! Though I must admit that I was quite surprised that we’re about the same height! I’ve always imagined her to be a bit taller really.

The lovely Sandi Thom
Sandi Thom's autograph

2 thoughts on “Sandi Thom arrival in Singapore 2012

  1. We went to the Show. What did you think of her performance?
    I thought she was pretty but  not liking her style of singing nowadays.

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