Evanescence arrival in Singapore 2012

Evanescence arrived in Singapore earlier for the time ever in their entire career. Honestly, after all their line up drama, the only member I know is Amy Lee. Haha. Her hair is jet black as you see in the videos. Very distinctive.

There were about 10 – 15 fans at the airport today. Some of them had banners as well, which was a bit scary/worrying. The biggest fear was that the security would think that banner holding fans are “crazier” and hence a cause of concern for everyone’s safety, the artists and other fans.

Fortunately, everyone was really cooperative and there wasn’t any pushing or screaming. As a result, most if not everyone got an autograph from Amy Lee and the band members. Amy didn’t stop for photos with anyone but she signed as many autographs as she can.

So here’s the autograph that I managed to get:

Amy Lee's autograph

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