Sungha Jung’s performance at Men’s Fashion Week 2012 Singapore Opening Show

Looking at the lanky Sungha Jung, you cannot tell that he is such a gifted guitarist. Rising to fame (mostly) via YouTube, 15 year old Sungha Jung is still down to earth and extremely shy.

Sungha Jung
Sungha Jung

He was amazing! Rather than describe how amazing he is, why don’t you watch it for yourself:

Setlist at the Men’s Fashion Week Opening Show performance:

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music
  • A piece from a japanese anime which the title I can’t catch

At the post show party, I managed to catch Sungha Jung and found his boyishness extremely endearing. Haha.

Sungha Jung
Sungha Jung

Playing the guitar (quite badly) myself, I am in awe of his skill and naturally started asking him questions about all things guitar that I could think of offhand.

After 5 years of daily 5-hour practice on the guitar, the callous on his fingers are so thick! (Yep, I asked to examine at his fingers and nails.) He also paints his nails to strengthen them for playing on the folk guitar.

When I asked him to teach me some things on the guitar, he laughed shyly. Dang. I couldn’t get upset with him at all for not giving me any tips. 🙂

Anyway, Sungha Jung is coming back for a concert next month if you didn’t know about it. You can find out more about Sungha Jung’s concert with Preston Reed here.

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