William Beckett Live in Singapore 2012

William Beckett, the lead singer of the now defunct band The Academy Is…, is now flying solo and will be playing a gig at Playden, The Arts House on 15 June 2012.

Tickets are priced at SGD42. On the gig day/at the door, tickets will be sold at SGD52. There are 50 early bird tickets priced at SGD37 up for grabs as well.

All ticket prices excludes the usual fee by the ticket selling platform.

No details yet on when these tickets will start selling where though.

[6 May 2012 | Update]

Tickets went on sale on Thursday at Roxy Records & Trading at Excelsior Shopping Centre. However, there are only 50 early birds and 100 standard tickets available for this gig. It is a really small venue.

Anyway, give them a call before making your way down to buy the tickets so as not to make a wasted trip: 63377783.

Good luck!

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