Post Super Show 4 Singapore thoughts Part 1

As most if not all of you know, I went to watch Super Show 4, Super Junior World Tour’s Singapore stop last night.

The opening song of Super Show 4 was a song called “Superman” off their 5th album, “Mr Simple/A-cha (repackaged version)”. It went something like this:

It’s one of my favourite songs and the chorus goes like this:

우린 규모도 최고 스게일도 최고
(Our scale is the best, scale is the best)
뭐든지 최고가 아니면 안돼
(Everything has to be the best)
슈퍼주니어는 원래 맨 자만 빠진 이름하며 힘센 돌이 슈퍼맨
(Super Junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’)

열겅도 최고 정신력도 최고
(Our passion is the best and our concentration is the best)
누가 우릴 감히 끌어낼 텐가
(Who would be able to say we’ve finished)
슈퍼주니어는 원래 맨 자만 빠진 이름하며 힘센 돌이 슈퍼맨
(Super Junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’)

They weren’t lying; those lyrics are the truth. Super Show 4 last night (or any other night for that matter) was truly one helluva super/amazing/awesome show! At 3 hours and 50 mins long for SS4SG, it’s no doubt the biggest/longest concerts by any artist ever! Even the C-pop/Canto-pop artists are about 3 hours or just past 3 hours.

9 Super Men

As a pretty regular and avid concert goer, I’m quite glad that I chose the seats instead of the mosh pits. Standing at such a long concert is not a joke. Hell, even screaming for almost 4 hours was not a joke. 2 hours in and I was already tired as hell from the screaming, laughing and fan chants. Needless to say, I was powered by my love for Super Junior, good dance-y songs and fun performances for the whole night.

Charlie Haeplin and his ritual of lifting Marilyn Minroe's skirt

The entire production was top notch. The only other concerts that I’ve been to with a comparable production was Kylie’s X tour (Singapore), Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics Tour (Singapore) and Kylie’s Aphrodite Les Folis (Perth). Even so, the scale of those concerts in Singapore are nowhere near Super Show 4. I’m not being biased here in case you were wondering (I still love Kylie more than Super Junior just so you know).

The concert was mostly live vocals I believe, I’m pretty sure that Siwon was flat at some parts of his solo performance “Your Grace is Enough” with 3rd Wave Music. Donghae was sharp a lot last night and nasal too. I’m not sure if it’s him or his mic, I know he’s usually more flat than sharp during live performances. As a result, he sounded like Mickey Mouse at some parts of the concert. Haha.

Yesung on the other hand surprised me with his voice. I knew he’s good but I was surprised by how he still sounded exactly the same like the CD complete with the emotions and dynamics during the live show. Kyuhyun on the other hand didn’t have the same emotion as with the CD. Then again, I don’t think Kyuhyun cares as usual and he also seemed to be the designated joker of the night be it intentional or not. Haha.

It all started during the self introductions. I think Eunhyuk started it by going “What’s up Singapore!” Then Kyu started going “yeeaaahhh!” like a rapper wannabe complete with the hand gestures which looked totally weird and awkward when done by him. Everyone around my area started to imitate Kyu each time a “yes/yeah” response was required by the audience. Haha.

During Kyuhyun’s solo, he started off with a ballad and then a video of himself came on mid-song to tell the Kyu on stage to do something else other than a ballad because it was boring or something along that line in a typical Kyuhyun brand of mean.

Then somewhere in the middle, there was a “variety” segment where Leeteuk had Sungmin pick a girlfriend from the mosh pit. After the chosen girl came up on stage, it was discovered that she was a Kyu fan. Hahaha. Sungmin was so sad while Kyu had this gloating expression on his face. The rest of the guys went to Sungmin to say, “HAHA!! Stupid!”

Teukie then asked the girl to choose between Sungmin and Kyu and Teuk put his hand on her shoulder, Kyu immediately came over and told Teuk not to touch her. Haha. It ended with Kyu trying to teach her how to do the dance for “You & I”. It was hilarious as well.

As Kyu couldn’t speak much English (if any at all), he kept using body language to tell her that she needs to follow his actions and he always ended the non-verbal sentences by saying to her, “you know?” The poor girl already looked starstruck/confused enough and Siwon kept going “you know what?” after Kyu and had the entire stadium was laughing away.

It also didn’t help when Kyu was trying to teach the girl the dance steps to “You & I” and then he forgot what the next steps were and taught her the wrong thing!! Wahahaha!! His “oh shit” face was seriously epic. Hahaha! When Kyu double-checked with Eunhyuk, Hyuk got pissed off with him for forgetting the choreography.

Then after a song, Storm I think, Hyuk walked out from the backstage and started singing the song. Kyu walked over and grabbed the microphone away from Hyuk and said, “stop”. Wahaha!! Kyuhyun surely lives up to his evil maknae nickname.

These are only the highlights about Kyuhyun from last night. There were so many more funny incidents which I don’t think I can summarize and blog about. It’s just too much! Furthermore, when they started walking around the whole stadium, I didn’t know where to look at as there’s just too much going on.

Too much going on and I have no idea what they're doing. Hahaha.

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