Super Junior — Opera Music Video

If you didn’t already know, I’m in love with Kpop Idol group Super Junior.

They recently released a music video for their 3rd japanese single “Opera”, a song which I totally love. There is a korean version of the song on the “Mr Simple”/”A-Cha” album as well but unfortunately, the korean version was never released as a single.

When the music video for “Opera” was released, I realised that it was the same duration and length/etc as the korean version in the album. Since I really wanted a music video for this song quite badly, I decided to have fun in iMovie and redo the audio of the japanese version of “Opera” into the korean version of the song.

Honestly, it’s my first time doing something like that in iMovie and I’m pretty satisfied and proud of the results. Hehe.

That said, here are the videos:

How do you think I did in iMovie?

Anyway, here are the links to the japanese version of those videos:

Full music video:

Dance only version:

Finally, there is no copyright infringement intended of this video. Just a big fan who wants a little bit more and decided to go get it. 🙂

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