Wang Lee Hom Music-Man II World Tour 2012 Singapore

Wang Lee Hom’s concert date has finally been announced after the initial talk of having a date in February earlier this year.

Wang Lee Hom will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 18 August 2012. So many good concerts in August! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Standard tickets are priced at SGD228, 198, 168, 138 and 98. Restricted view tickets are available and priced at SGD 198, 138 and 88. All priced exclude the Sistic fee.

There’s a presale for DBS and POSB credit and debit card holders starting on 30 May 2012. The rest of you can start buying tickets from 4 June 2012 onwards.

Here is the link to the Sistic page to buy tickets for this concert.

7 thoughts on “Wang Lee Hom Music-Man II World Tour 2012 Singapore

  1. hey! can you tell me where the concert dates are being announced? i really want to see him live this year but i have no idea where to find his concert dates…

    1. I don’t think there is one place that consolidates his whole tour. my friend told me about this date and i checked it from the sistic page. where are you from? maybe i can help you find something?

      1. hey! thanks for the quick reply! actually i’m from germany. but i will be in china from the 24th of august until the 25th of september. i’m a huge leehom fan i sing and listen to his music every single day and i really want to see him live so i thought maybe this year..
        i will be staying in beijing/xi an/shanghai so anything close to those places would work i think. i would travel to see him but its soo hard to find out the tour dates. so if you found out something thatd be great! if you dont have much time to look for the dates thats no problem!  🙂

      2. thanks again! unfortunately those dates won’t work for me but ill keep looking for daes in september..
        i was so sad i couldnt see his show at the birds nest in beijing…

  2. do you know when leehom will be in july and august? i will be china during those months and i’m hoping to catch a concert!! thanks 🙂

    1. i only know leehom is doing the SG date for his music man tour in august. he is touring china now.

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