James Morrison Live in Singapore 2012

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! James Morrison is coming back to Singapore to perform a proper concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 2 October 2012.

Tickets are priced at SGD 68, 88, 108, 128, 148, 168, 188 excluding Sistic fees. They go on sale from 25 June 2012 onwards via the usual Sistic channels.

[25 June 2012 | Update]

The page to buy tickets for this James Morrison concert is up on the Sistic site. You can click here to access the page to buy the tickets directly.

Please take note that this concert starts at 9 pm.

Also, 25 June is the presale date for the Big Bang (kpop) concert. I’m expecting the Sistic servers to crash so if you are having problems accessing the Sistic website, I’d suggest you try again later.

4 thoughts on “James Morrison Live in Singapore 2012

    1. yes this is for real. tip off from friend who saw this from the greenhorn productions facebook page.

      1. Sorry ms, I know it’s quite irrelevant to the post, but I’d like to seek your help…The Fray is holding a concert here & I’m looking for 2 tickets. Pls help if you know someone who are selling the tickets. Can’t find someone who are selling recently. Pls sms me at 84255853 or email me at thefrayfan@hotmail.com .I check my mail everyday. Thank you so much! Appreciate your help.

  1. Hi, I have a ticket to the James Morrison concert for Oct 02 2012. I bought it for $128 (Foyer Stalls section) and willing to let go @ $100. Suddenly, I just couldn’t make it to the said date. If interested, please SMS me @ 93224698. Thanks! 🙂

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