Clazzi at Music Matters Live 2012 at Clarke Quay

I just read the wikipedia article on Clazzi and I just realised that they’re not some unknown/indie type of musicians who are performing on the Korean Night of Music Matters Live 2012.

Honestly, I do not have much impression of Clazzi as a musical group because of this one fangirl. She was screaming through the whole set. I kid you not.

The first 10 minutes was amusing because DJ Clazzi was spinning something electro and here you have one fangirl who was screaming ย and jumping like there was a boyband on stage. Oh, and I haven’t mentioned that she had a banner for DJ Clazzi. Totally bizarre and not to mention how inappropriate it was.

After that, it started to get really annoying and it was quite clear that she was ruining his set for everyone who was within earshot of her screaming. Oblivious to the disturbance she was causing, she went on and on and on and on. Seriously.

Anyway, here’s a video of the kind of music that Clazzi does and try to imagine a fangirl screaming, jumping and waving a banner through this song:

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Clazzi at Music Matters Live 2012 at Clarke Quay

  1. Erm, so what if she was screaming. Everyone has the right to go a little crazy every once in a while.

    Are you implying that Clazzi’s music isn’t good enough that people cannot go crazy over it? Think about it, teenagers normally like at least one singer, or a musician, right? And it’s not every day that they get to meet their idol in person. Of course they’re gonna go a little crazy when they do meet their idol.

    Your entire post didn’t even really touch on Clazzi, but mostly just bashed that poor fangirl who was probably just going nuts on that one occasion. Try to be a little more forgiving, okay? It’s not nice to do these kind of things. Imagine how you would feel if you were her and other people bashed you for getting excited. How ridiculous does that sound, really.

    Besides, it’s nice to know that at least one person is really happy to see Clazzi there. I heard that most people just stood around and didn’t fully appreciate the performance. If you wanted to listen to the music, you could’ve always done that on Youtube, but this lets the performer know that he’s being appreciated. It’s nice for him to know that, isn’t it?

    That’s about all I wanted to say. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry if I came across a little too harsh. But think about their feelings if they accidentally stumbled over this blog post.

    1. don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚ no offense taken. there were some people who were dancing in the front near the stage during his set. i was at the back and that’s where most people were standing.

      do not deny bashing that fan girl but i would have thought that that sort of screaming should be left for idols. she quite literally screamed through the whole set and annoyed people around here. i wasn’t the only one. and just so you know, music matters live was also meant for the industry folks and the general public to discover new acts and not just a concert/performance for the fans.

      also, maybe it is normal for fans to scream through all kinds of korean music but it definitely was very weird for me. and as a result, it was all that i could remember from the performance really.

      anyway, i’m not worried about hurting her feelings really, if she is that big a fan girl, then she wouldn’t care about what others think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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