J’Kyun at Music Matters Live 2012 at Clarke Quay

Korean rapper J’Kyun was in da house performing on the main stage at the Clarke Quay Fountain Square on Thursday (24 May 2012) and at The Arena on Friday (25 May 2012).

J'Kyun at the Fountain Square main stage

I must say that while I do not have any idea what he is rapping about in Korean, he left an impression on me with his music, beats and rapping skills.

J'Kyun performing at The Arena

The other part about him that left an impression on me is his English. Haha. His English was passable but there was something very endearing about that. I know he is trying and learning and I really appreciate that.

Also, after the show, we saw him taking photos with fans and we’re like, “why not?” so we went to get an autograph and a photo with him. Haha.

Anyway, here are other photos of J’Kyun performing at The Arena:

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