Meeting Chris Hemsworth in Sydney 2012

I swear to God (pardon the pun) that it was pure luck that we spotted Chris Hemsworth at the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport. We were actually on our way back to Singapore when we saw him.

We had read in the papers a couple of days ago that Chris Hemsworth arrived in Sydney unannounced and would stay for 4 days. We then counted and realised that we would depart on the same day as Chris Hemsworth. We actually joked that we just might see him at the airport and BAM!! We really did!!

I still can’t believe it actually happened. Oh. My. God. I was blabbering (as usual) coz I was so star struck. It was like looking at a God you know… sort of since after all, he is Thor! Hahaha.

I mentioned to Chris and his people that we read about him being in Sydney and we’d had actually joked that we might just see him at the airport and it came true! Unbelievable!

I definitely blanked out and wasn’t sure what I did or say but Chris Hemsworth and his people were very amused with us the entire time. Manfred was blabbering as well and he even said, “I don’t get to see you everyday” and Chris Hemsworth was like, “I know” and he smiled. Just kill me right now. Please.

Chris Hemsworth is such a nice and sweet guy!

with Chris Hemsworth (look at my stunned face. lol.)
with Chris Hemsworth (look at my stunned face. lol.)
Chris Hemsworth autograph
Chris Hemsworth autograph



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