Meeting The Veronicas in Sydney 2012

OMFG people! I finally got to meet The Veronicas again after 6 years! Best day ever!!

We were already in Sydney when we realised that The Veronicas were headed here to debut their new single “Lolita”. Honestly, I screamed when I found out about it because I have the first 2 albums sitting in my cupboard at home!! Urgh! Could have gotten it signed!

Anyway, we found out that they were doing a live twitcam session at the Hot 30 countdown on 2day radio (?). We decided to go down and try our luck. (Ok, we really wanted to meet them again quite badly.)

Within 10 minutes of us arriving, The Veronicas walked out. We were in shock. After all these years of waiting and knowing how they keep transiting in Singapore, I finally got to meet them again!!

As usual, I got too excited an started blabbering. Haha. I remembered to show The Veronicas the photo I took with them from before. They remembered those days and were totally shocked when we told them that we were the fans sitting at the front of their press conference in Bangkok.

The Veronicas asked us to tweet them and soon after, Lisa favourited my tweet and Jessica retweeted it.


I did tell The Veronicas about you other fans in Singapore and recorded an exclusive video message from them!! I’ll upload it as soon as I get back to Singapore. 🙂

Here are the photos with The Veronicas:

with The Veronicas
with The Veronicas
The Veronicas' autograph
The Veronicas’ autograph

And finally, here is an exclusive video message from The Veronicas to all the fans in Singapore!

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