Nelly Furtado Live in Singapore 2012 for a Private Showcase

Nelly Furtado is dropping into Singapore to do a private showcase for their Singtel AMPed customers on 14 August 2012, 7.30 pm at The Coliseum.

According to the Singtel AMPed’s website, you need to sign up for a 12 month premium AMPed contract to receive a pair of invites. Current customers should download her songs from AMPed to stand a chance to win the invites. Contest ends on 5 August 2012.

This is quite clearly a “gain new customers” marketing plan. I’d be pretty pissed off if I was an existing customer and a Nelly Furtado fan since I can only “stand a chance to win the invites”.

In any case, like with The Fray’s private showcase, feel free to post if you want to buy/sell/trade. As always, please do not be an ass and overprice the tickets (ie more than S$96 for a pair; since it costs $7.90/month for the 12 months premium AMPed contract).

And remember to use the share and/or the like button to spread the word so more people will see this to up the chance of finding people who have tickets and want to let it go!

4 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado Live in Singapore 2012 for a Private Showcase

  1. I’m desperate for a pair!! Willing to buy it at 80 for a pair!! Hopefully someone get back to me as I’m a huge Nelly Furtado fan but am not a SingTel AMPed customer.. Please email me at thanks!!

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