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Earlier today, I had a nice round table interview session with Kyle Patrick from The Click Five. He is every bit as lovely and as cute as I remember him to be from the last time I saw him. 🙂 In fact, the whole session felt like a nice chat only that it was just a bit more than 10 minutes and we were missing some tea and hot scones.

This is KP’s 8th time in Singapore. 8th! Every time he comes to Singapore, he needs to get a fix of Haji Lane, Bah Kut Teh, Clarke Quay, the top of Marina Bay Sands and he has to see a Merlion somewhere. LOL. He also visits the hawker centres to eat satay, chilli stingray, chilli crabs and more.

So I asked him what is it about Singapore that keeps him coming back and he said it was the nice people and the lovely fans. (WE LOVE YOU TOO KYLE!!) So I actually joked that he should consider getting the Singapore PR and he was like, “Yes!” He was actually quite serious about it, in the sense that the thought has indeed crossed his mind and it is still an open option. Wow.

KP then went on to talk about how he likes to travel and get himself localised in every destination in terms of the food and culture. At that point, I was ready to take him home and keep him in my cupboard. Seriously. I love his attitude.

Of course, I had to tease him about speaking Singlish at the MTV Sessions taping last night. Haha. You can hear KP say his favourite phrase: “There are so many ‘chio bu’s here tonight” in his southern accent on MTV Sessions premiering on MTV Asia on 8 September 2012, 11 am (ID), noon (SG/PH/HK), 1 pm (MY) and  on MTV Vietnam on 9 September 2012, 8 pm (VN).

Also, I asked KP if he had any pre-performance rituals, he said he gets asked that a lot and that he doesn’t do anything strange. He mentioned that he drinks tea, does vocal warm ups and he irons his clothes. Damn! A cute guy who irons his own clothes!! I need to kidnap this guy. Who’s in? Haha.

PS: I’ve also suggested that he should make a video of himself backstage with his in-ear monitors and ironing. LOL. So if you ever see KP uploading a video like that, you’re welcome. Haha.

The conversation then moved to talk about KP vs KP from The Click Five. Just so you know, KP loves pop music and will keep it coming. There might be variations but pop is in him. KP also shared a bit about his problems with ADD/ADHD and the medication he had to take to deal with it. He’s off it now and is fine so you guys don’t have to worry. 🙂

Just for the heck of it and since the subject flowed, I threw in one of the standard question like “so if music didn’t work out, what would you be doing?” He didn’t know what he’d be doing and then he blurted out: sous chef but he quickly added that he’d probably be a terrible chef. Haha.

Given that he could iron, I had to know if he could cook as well. If he said he did, he is most definitely not making it to the Philippines. Haha. He admitted that he can’t cook very well and that he “does a lot of ramen”.

On the same subject, KP then recalls that he did a lot of sports in school and mentions that he was captain of the baseball team and lacrosse team back in school. He has actually won a state championship with the lacrosse team!

You’d think that as captain of a state champion team, KP would be a jock in school. However, he said that he was actually more of a dork since he was so tall and skinny.

KP also added that he wasn’t always this tall. He is about 6’ 3 now and thinks he could still growing. He shared that one summer, he quite literally grew 8 inches and he went on about how his shins and legs would hurt because he was growing so much so quickly.

And then the session was over.

I managed to squeeze in one last question since quite a few of you people were asking me on twitter: “what are his plans for this trip after Singapore?” and “if he is going to Indonesia”.

KP says that he was to go to Indonesia really badly and he is trying really hard to get there. He doesn’t want to say anything because nothing has been confirmed and he doesn’t want people to get excited for nothing. He was trying to get to Indonesia when he was last in Singapore in December 2011 and he is still trying.

So you fans in Indonesia will have to call up the radio stations to request for “Go For Gold” or any other Kyle Patrick/The Click Five songs to help KP get over there!

Also, KP will be playing 3 shows in the Philippines; one is an MTV Exit road show and 2 other music festivals. He mentioned something about Coca Cola festival in the Philippines but I can’t find anything online about it.

KP also mentioned that he wants to go to Malaysia as well so same thing, call up your local radio stations to request for “Go For Gold” or any other Kyle Patrick/The Click Five songs!

After the Philippines, KP will come back to Singapore for a couple of days before he heads back to the States. I do not know when he is coming back and how many days exactly he is going to be staying in Singapore for. And this is all that I know.

Here’s a video shout out from Kyle Patrick to all the fans in Asia!

All my photos came out great so I’ve decided to upload them all! Enjoy!

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  1. Love the interview, nice job Joyce, KP “The Iron Man” :), and thanks for mentioning Indonesia as well, we love u so much KP, and we will try harder to make u back here…thx again Joyce, it was fun session to read *hugs*

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